About Bhuwan

My name is Bhuwan Chauhan and I am the first Indian IFBB Pro and the youngest Canadian Mens Physique Pro.

I have been training and dieting for the past 8 years and started competing in 2016 and have won all my shows since then, moving from local to provincial to national level and ultimately obtaining my pro card.

Through my Ascension programs, my goal is to help improve one’s physique through optimal training and nutrition. It is about getting better; physically, emotionally and mentally.

It was developed to help not only athletes, but also the people wanting to improve their health and wellness. As an Engineer myself, I know that the single most important barrier that comes in people’s way is “time shortage”, which is why while working I had to come up with strategies that minimized the time in the gym while being flexible enough to incorporate outside meals.

I started helping my own friends while in university and then later on co-workers, and saw how easy I made it for them to achieve their fitness goals. This is why now I want to help others, and prove that living a healthy life and improving your physique doesn’t have to be difficult.

Everything is possible.EVERYTHING! If you put your heart into it and have proper guidance.