12 Week Shred To Ascend – Vegetarian Diet

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Hey guys! Bhuwan here coming at you with a Full Vegetarian Diet, Full Training Program, Cardio Protocols, Tips, Advice and MORE! Whether you are a newer competitor, or someone looking to cut body fat, but don’t know how to effectively cut down with 100% vegetarian diet then this program is for you. Not only do I give you the diet plan, but also how to cook vegetarian protein sources and where to buy them in India!!
I will also give you the basic science and knowledge behind why I do what I do to shred down and look lean.

Let’s get you cut and looking your best! Download is Available right after purchasing! Take photos before starting and after you finish and send them to me and I will give you feedback on your physique/progress!

* no refunds due to scamming

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