Body Transformations



“Thank you Bhuwan for your time and effort in helping me to get in my best shape for my wedding! Best memories ever! Hard work pays off!!! I will definitely recommend you to my friends!”

Wendy Hui

” First few years I trained myself by researching online and asking a few gym rats and did the whole bro science routine. Want to get big? Eat whatever you want but make sure you train hard at the gym. The results? I became skinny-fat, but not aesthetically appealing. Something had to change. Decided it was time to get serious so I contacted Bhuwan. About 7 months in and he helped me get stronger and leaner at the same time! Trust the program, eat the RIGHT FOODS, grind through the workouts/cardio and hopefully we can all look like our coaches! ”

Mapalad Santera

“I contacted Bhuwan 6 weeks out from my show when my then coach wasn’t giving me the results and I was far off from the conditioning I needed. I WON THAT SHOW under him and earned my Pro Card. Bhuwan helped me out so much, to this day I have no idea why he decided to help me out while he was prepping for the BIGGEST show of his life. The attention to details that he put while prepping for his show made me want to succeed more than ever. He’s the realist person in the fitness industry that I’ve met. There is no sugar coating with him, there is absolutely no GREED with him, and there is absolutely no bullshit with him.”

Mustafa Samir