Bhuwan Chauhan


2019 Vancouver Pro Champ, Mr Olympia Qualified

Bhuwan Chauhan is the first Indian to win IFBB Pro show and the first Indian to qualify for Mr Olympia in Men’s Physique Division. Having been born and brought up in India, he went to Canada in 2011 for his undergraduate studies in Petroleum Engineering and passed with distinction in 2015 while immediately working at a big oil and gas company until he decided to start competing in 2016.

Turning his passion into his profession, he quit his job in May 2018 to pursue his bodybuilding goals full time as sponsored athlete and started his coaching company Bhuwan Chauhan Fitness aka Team Bhuwan.

Through my Ascension programs, my goal is to help improve one’s physique through optimal training and nutrition. It is about getting better; physically, emotionally and mentally.

It was developed to help not only athletes, but also the people wanting to improve their health and wellness. As an Engineer myself, I know that the single most important barrier that comes in people’s way is “time shortage”, which is why while working I had to come up with strategies that minimized the time in the gym while being flexible enough to incorporate outside meals.

Everything is possible. EVERYTHING! If you put your heart into it and have proper guidance.

Vancouver Pro Show 1st JULY 14
Battle Of Desert, Las Vegas 2nd JUNE 29
Northern California Show, Sacramento 4th JUNE 8
Mile High Pro Show, Denver 2nd JUNE 1
Night of Champions, San Diego 9th MAY 4
Battle Of Desert, Las Vegas 12th 2018
Vancouver Pro Show 5th 2018
Amateur Competition History
Ben Weider Legacy Cup Pro Card 1st and Overall 2017
Canada National Championship 2nd 2017
Alberta Provincials Championship 1st and Overall 2016
Southern Alberta Championship 1st and Overall 2016


  • 2011: Went to University of Alberta on 75% scholarship based on academics, sports and leadership merit from high school
  • 2014: First International student at the university to get a job at one of the biggest oil and gas companies (Encana) a year before graduation
  • 2015: Graduated from UofA as First Class Distinction student with 3.7 GPA
  • 2016: Competed and won his first Mens Physique show
  • 2017: Won Ben Weider Cup and obtained his pro card 
Became the first Indian citizen in Mens Physique to win IFBB Pro card
  • 2018: Quit his job and established his coaching company called “Team Bhuwan” which is now the number one team for Mens Physique Athletes in Calgary, Alberta
  • 2019: Won Vancouver Pro Show and became the first Indian to win a pro show.
Qualified for Olympia 2019

Thank you Bhuwan for your time and effort in helping me to get in my best shape for my wedding! Best memories ever! Hard work pays off!!! I will definitely recommend you to my friends!


I want to thank Bhuwan for helping me remove all that extra unwanted fluff (35 lbs!!) in a healthy way. I always thought I knew what I was doing trying to get fit and lose body fat, hell I started to think I was just big boned but obviously I did not know anything at all.
He helped me get into shape within weeks while I was trying for years!! I have allergies to eggs, nuts and gluten, and he worked around these flaws of mine and customized the right program for me. I’m extremely grateful for helping me lose 35+lbs.


Contacting Bhuwan was the best decision I ever made. He helped me lose 20lbs in 12 weeks and got me shredded. He was very helpful in explaining everything and keeping me motivated. Thank you so much Bhuwan Chauhan.